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The following questions and answers provide a combination of general information and some technical information. This information should only be considered as a starting point due to the complexity of individual situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about

No, partial claims must be filed at the end of each week the employees are laid off. Partial claims cannot be filed for employees more than three consecutive weeks.

You must wait until the week after the workers are laid off. You cannot file claims on or prior to the week ending date. Reason: The employee may have earnings from another job or may be called in to work unexpectedly. Also, you cannot know ahead of time if the employee will be able and available for work all of the week.

The claims must be received within 14 days following the ending date of the week claimed.

The week beginning and ending dates are the same as the company's beginning and ending dates for their payroll.

The very last day the employee worked prior to or within the week claimed. Note: If the employee worked within the payroll week, gross earnings should be reported.

Most employers use Saturdays for the week ending date. If your payroll end date is a different day of the week, you may choose to use that day of the week instead. If you select to use your payroll end date instead of Saturday, you must use your payroll end date for each week that you file.

If the claim is filed electronically, the benefits are issued within a couple of days.

All claims, including those submitted by employers during temporary layoffs, are subject to an unpaid Waiting Week. The waiting week was implemented by legislation effective July 2008, as an unpaid period for all unemployment compensation recipients. In the 2012 Alabama legislative session, the waiting week was moved from the 14th payable week to the 1st payable week for all new claims effective on or after August 1, 2012. Even though benefits cannot be paid for the waiting week, for it to count as the waiting week, it must meet the requirements to be payable and a weekly certification must be filed for that period. No funds are deducted from a claim for the waiting week.

If your employees are temporarily laid off due to lack of work for no more than three consecutive weeks, electronic filing for them helps keep your labor force intact, plus your employees will be paid their unemployment more quickly on a weekly basis in lieu of their paychecks.

Yes, provided a valid copy of their alien identification card, front and back, is submitted to prove their status as a legal alien.

Your UI account number is assigned to you by the Tax Section when you establish your business. It can be found in your records such as the UCCR4 report.

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