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Below are the wage reporting file specifications as accepted by the Alabama Department of Labor. These documents are condensed versions of the original specifications for readability and to show exactly what Alabama expects to find in your wage files. Sample text files are provided as an additional reference. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the PDF files. The text samples can be downloaded by a right mouse click and ‘Save Target As’ in the menu. The most accurate view of a sample text file is provided by NotePad. In NotePad make sure that word wrap is turned off, and that the status bar is turned on for reference to character positioning.

If you are new to Quarterly Wage Reporting by file upload the following notes might be helpful:

  1. Your file should be a standard text file with a .txt extension. PDF, Word or Excel files will not process. You may export from an excel file (see below)
  2. A record in your text file is considered to be one line of text and should be padded with spaces to the file record length (Ex: 80 , 275 characters etc. depending on which format you use).
  3. Exact positioning within the record is critical for the data to process correctly.
  4. The file specification gives you the exact position and length of each piece of data needed.
  5. If a piece of your data is less than the specified length, then it must be padded to the exact length in the format specification. Remember both position and length are important.
  6. Wage amounts (money) and totals are always right justified and padded on the left with zeros.
  7. SSN’s, FEIN, and Alabama UC account numbers are left justified if needed, and can be padded on the right with spaces or zeros. (usually not needed)
  8. No punctuation is allowed in SSN’s, FEIN, UC Account, and Wage dollar amounts. Examples are provided in the samples.
    • All SSN’s are 9 digits
    • All FEIN’s are 9 digits
    • All UC account numbers are 10 digits
  9. All other data (text) is left justified and padded on the right with spaces.