Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Ombudsman Program

The Ombudsman program, established by the Workers’ Compensation Reform Act of 1992, has proven to exceed the expectations of success imagined at its inception. The objective of the Ombudsman Program is to work quickly and informally to allow the parties to take every possible step to settle their workers’ compensation differences before going to court.

Alabama Workers’ Compensation Ombudsman

Code of Alabama , 1975, §§25-5-290, 25-5-291, 25-5-292 For free dispute resolution through mediation call 1-800-528-5166, and ask to speak with an Ombudsman. In the Montgomery area call 956-4046.

Overview of Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary, informal dispute resolution process. An impartial third party, the Ombudsman (mediator), assists parties in reaching an agreement. The purpose of mediation is to identify issues, clarify misunderstandings, explore solutions, and negotiate settlement.

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Contact the Alabama Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Division
649 Monroe Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36131

or call 334-956-4046 or 1-800-528-5166.

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