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Are there non-charges and credits?

Provisions of the Alabama UC law allow tax rated employers to receive relief from benefit charges and immediate credits for overpaid benefits. In order to receive consideration of non-charging, the employer must timely respond to the separation, determination, and/or charge notices.

Non-charging may not affect entitlement or eligibility. The claimant, if eligible and qualified, may still collect benefits. The list below indicates reasons for non-charging and credit;

    1. Voluntarily quit without good cause connected with the work. Tax rated employer is relieved of all (100%) benefit charges based on the period of employment ending with such separation.
    2. Discharged for dishonest or criminal act, sabotage, or an act endangering safety of others. Must be in connection with work. Effective with separations after July 3, 1994, use of illegal drugs, refusal to take a drug test, or altering a drug test if:
      1. The employer has a reasonable drug policy:
      2. The drug test meets Department of Transportation or other reliable standards;
      3. The employee has been advised of the drug policy in writing.

Tax rated employer relieved of all (100%) benefit charges. As application of a disqualification in this category involves removal of base period wages from the claim, reimbursing employers accounts are credited as the claimant repays the benefits for the overpaid weeks the claimant is disqualified.

  1. Discharged for actual or threatened misconduct in connection with work after previous warning. Tax rated employer relieved of all (100%) benefit charges.
  2. Discharged for misconduct connected with work with no warning other than the acts mentioned above. Tax rated employer relieved of one-half (50%) benefit charges.
  3. Continues to work part-time with similar wages and hours as those in base period. Tax rated employer relieved of all (100%) Benefit charges.
  4. If the claimant is originally granted and paid benefits, but as a result of a redetermination or an appeal is later disqualified, a credit will be immediately given, except to reimbursing employers, for benefits paid prior to the redetermination or appeal decision. Credits will only be given to reimbursing employers when the claimant repays any benefits improperly paid. Subsequent benefits will only be charged if the claimant resolves the disqualification and the benefits are otherwise payable.

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