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What methods of reporting new hires are available to employers?

Employers have two methods of reporting new hires, depending on the number of employees they have.

  1. Effective May 1, 2008, the Alabama Department of Labor requires employers with 5 or more employees to report their new hires electronically via the internet. Employers reporting by internet upload are only required to report new hires twice a month [not less than twelve (12) days and not more than sixteen (16) days apart]. For internet reporting, please use this website by clicking here. All third party submissions of new-hire data must be reported electronically, via the internet.
  2. Employers with less than 5 employees can mail or fax a copy of the employee’s W-4 form. All W-4’s must include the following data: employee’s name, address, and social security number; first day of work; and, whether newly hired or recalled to work. Also required are the employer’s Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN), name, and address. If reporting by this method, employers with less than 5 employees are required to report new hires within seven (7) days of the first day of work. Mail W-4’s to:

Alabama Department of Labor,
Attn: New-Hire Clerk,
649 Monroe Street, Room 3203,
Montgomery, AL 36131

Note: The New Hire report-of-hire card, NH-1, is no longer accepted.