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The following questions and answers provide a combination of general information and some technical information. This information should only be considered as a starting point due to the complexity of individual situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Email your company name and Federal Employer ID number to HelpDesk@alabamaworks.alabama.gov to receive the login instructions to your account.

Your company's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Alabama Unemployment Insurance account number.

Yes, login and go to your My Resumes page and click Create Resume. To upload a resume you have already created in Microsoft Word, answer all questions on the Resume Overview page (Step 1) and use the field at the bottom of the screen to select the resume file to upload.

Login and go to your My Resumes page and click Expires date link for a resume to make it inactive, then set the number of days to 0.

Login to your AlabamaWorks! account and follow the instructions on the job listing under HOW TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION.

You must have a valid email address on your contact information and an active resume. Answer Yes to the question in Step 1, "Do you want job matches for this resume emailed to you?", on the Resume Overview page.

Go to https://alabamaworks.alabama.gov/vosnet/Default.aspx, click LOGIN/REGISTER then click Forgot Username or Password and follow the instructions.