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The following questions and answers provide a combination of general information and some technical information. This information should only be considered as a starting point due to the complexity of individual situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Reviews are conducted to ensure that polices and procedures are being followed. Sometimes reviews are due to an incident report or at the request of the Alabama Department of Labor Secretary, division directors, or managers /or supervisors.

No, you should refer the requester to the Planning and Systems Analysis Division, Disclosure Unit.

No. You should advise the law enforcement official to contact the Internal Security Division by calling (334) 954-4076.  ISEC will verify the requester's identification and release information if approved

Yes. You can anonymously report an incident, but you must provide enough pertinent information for ISEC to conduct an investigation of the allegation.  Print this Information Sheet * as a guideline for the details ISEC will need.

Passwords allow you to do data entry transactions to specific screens.

UC passwords must be requested by your supervisor. Your supervisor will complete a Computer Access Form and forward it to the ISD Help Desk.

No. Your supervisor will need to complete a Revoke Access Form to delete your UC password effective the close of business your last day at that location. Your new supervisor will need to complete a Computer Access Form to request a new UC password for the location to which you are transferring. Also, if you work a temporary assignment in another office of unit, you will need a UC password for that location. The supervisor in that location will need to request a UC password for you and request that the UC password be deleted when you complete your temporary assignment.

No. You complete the Ben 246 and send it, along with the check(s), to the Treasurer's office.

The Ben 246A/ 246B is also sent to the Treasurer's office.

UC passwords identify you as a person inputting the transaction. They also identify the location from which the transaction was input. In addition, this is a requirement of computer security policy.

Returned checks are handled through the Adjudication Support Unit.